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4 unique ways to thank your customers

You say it every day as a small business owner: thank you. It’s said after every transaction, before almost every “take care,” and sometimes while you’re getting to know your customers before they buy anything at all. Saying thank you is a part of your everyday language, but what about sending a thank you that lasts, one that’s memorable for years to come? Learn a few tips that will help you thank you customers through more meaningful methods.

1. Send Out Personalized Cards and Letters 

Many companies, especially big-box department stores, are all about sending emails and customer surveys. As a small business owner, you have the advantage of location to send handwritten notes. A handwritten customer appreciation letter, for example, goes a long way when saying thank you, as does a thank-you card after a customer’s first purchase.

2. Begin a Loyalty Program

Nothing is better than gaining a customer who decides to come back — again, and again, and again. What’s even better is when a customer starts telling friends and family about your business, and you’re suddenly a household go-to establishment. What ignites this type of word-of-mouth marketing? It’s a loyalty program that makes your customers feel valued. Whether it’s a loyalty program that rewards your customers for continued purchases or a certain number of referrals, make sure your program keeps your customers at the center. A few ideas to consider include the following:

  • Give customers a choice when it comes to their reward.
  • Reward your customers with an experience rather than a free product.
  • Give your customers the choice to donate their loyalty rewards to a partnered charity.

3. Start a Customer Appreciation Day 

Speaking of a customer appreciation letter, you can use one to invite your customers to an annual customer appreciation day. This event can be something as small as an intimate dinner for your top 10 customers or as large as a customer appreciation mixer with dinner, drinks, and awards. A customer appreciation day is the best way to promote your business on a personal level, and your customers will feel truly grateful to be a part of your journey. Plus, mention free food and drinks, and they’re in.

4. Promote Your Customers in Return 

Nothing says thank you like a little digital shout-out. Your customers go the extra mile to promote your business on sites such as Yelp and Google, so why not do the same for them? Pick one customer each month and promote what the customer does with a photo and a few sentences. You’ll be thrilled with the positive responses you’ll receive, and your customers will be excited to see who gets a shout-out each month.

The more you meaningfully thank your customers, the more they’ll remember you when they think about your products or services. Be sure to stand out from the competition by going the extra mile with more thoughtful acts of customer appreciation.


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